Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings

An diamond engagement ring just isn't merely a jewel, it's actually a meaningful symbol of commitment, responsibility, love of a man towards his chosen one. A bezel set engagement ring can make this precious token of engagement last forever, as well as the valuable gemstone symbolizing your past, present and future love will not get damaged or lost. But the gender chart and where it appears from?

These diamond engagement rings should ideally have four pointed corners, which are protected with prongs, to ensure longevity. The procedure to select the cut is fairly easier since this shape has less flaws, than the emerald cut. You can select them according to your budget but don't be happy with lower than 'VS2' clarity. If you can get 'SI2', then nothing can beat it!

When buying diamonds, you need to keep yourself well-informed about quality before setting foot right into a store or web shop. Knowing a little can help you a whole lot. Some of the information can be a bit confusing for that first timer, so it is nice to have the basics down before you invest of one's faith into someone's opinion. Be aware of several "C's" of diamond grading before you shop and then you knows making your selection.

But diamond rings in addition to their cuts and fashions exceed these better-known options. Other acclaimed varieties are the emerald cut, the marquise, the cushion cut, the asscher cut and the heart-shaped diamond. Each has its very own charm and appeal. While the emerald cut can be a strong, pronounced rectangle, the cushion cut takes the rectangle and rounds the edges, giving the diamond a pillow-like appearance. The heart-shaped diamond's name provides it with away--ideal for your romantic bride! An elongated oval shape that comes to a point on both ends defines the marquise diamond--perfect for any delicate hand. Lastly, the asscher cut diamond bears an octagonal shape which has a squared appearance.

Many forms of the diamond have been popular through the ages also. During the rule of Louis XVI, from 1754 to 1793, the favorite wedding ring style included an engagement ring cluster shaped like a long, pointed oval. This style of diamond shape cluster remained very popular for the following 150 years in your community and the rings are nevertheless coveted by many. Other colored stones and gems have been added to the diamond over the years to indicate different meanings of love and commitment. One from the more complicated arrangements would come with several stones, including a diamond ring, which could disclose anything. For example, "dearest" could be represented by a ring containing a diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, epidote, sapphire and turquoise stone, each aligned. Solitaire settings, as one from the most widely used types of wedding rings currently, are not introduced before late nineteenth century. In the early last century, the "princess ring", which features multiple diamonds, become popular in the United States. This ring stye served because original influence to the currently popular three-stone style.

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